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  • Pressure Sore

Description of disability:

The pressure sore is a common clinical problem, although its pathophysiology and management are poorly appreciated by many physicians. The impact of these lesions in terms of patient morbidity and rehabilitation, and health care expenditures is great. Shearing forces, friction and moisture, as well as pressure, contribute to the development of these sores.

Pressure sores in a paraplegic patient and 15 days after surgery. Debridement and direct closure for ischial sores. Debridement and rhombic flap closure for the coccygeal sore. This patient had high grade fever with chills and rigors on admission that had been going on for about a week, not responding to antibiotics. After debridement and closure of the pressure sores, the fever came down and patient recovered rapidly.


Early surgical consultation is important, because of the deceptive nature and multiple sequelae of these wounds. Flap surgery is a technique in plastic and reconstructive surgery where any type of tissue is lifted from a donor site and moved to a recipient site with an intact blood supply. This is similar to but different from a graft, which does not have an intact blood supply and therefore relies on growth of new blood vessels. This is done to fill a defect such as a wound resulting from injury or surgery when the remaining tissue is unable to support a graft, or to rebuild more complex anatomic structures such as breast or jaw. Flaps can be fundamentally classified by their level of complexity, the types of tissues present, or by their blood supply. Based on blood supply, they can be either axial, reverse axial, random or pedicled. They can be local, regional or distant. Local flaps can be of advancement, rotation or transposition types.

Post operative care:

Depending on the part, removal of pressure on the part is essential. Other routine measures of rest, elevation and compression of part till complete healing are followed.


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