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  • Elephantiasis

Description of disability:

Elephantiasis refers to a parasitic infection that causes extreme swelling in the arms and legs.

The disease is caused by the filarial worm, which is transmitted form human to human via the female mosquito when it takes a blood meal. The parasite grows into an adult worm that lives in the lymphatic system of humans. Elephantiasis is typically characterized by a thickening of the skin and subcutaneous tissue that gives rise to the grossly enlarged and swollen limbs

Elephantiasis of the leg is the most common cause of chronic lymphedema of the lower extremities. Elephantiasis is a condition characterized by gross enlargement of an area of the body, especially the limbs. Other areas commonly affected include the external genitals. Elephantiasis is caused by obstruction of the lymphatic system, which results in the accumulation of a fluid called lymph in the affected areas. In areas where filariasis is endemic, the most common cause of elephantiasis is a parasitic disease known as lymphatic filariasis.


Relatively simple and well known surgical procedures are available to correct hydrocele. Miller's treatment is used for elephantiasis of the lower limbs. Because secondary bacterial infections play an important role in precipitating acute adenolymphangitis episodes and progression of lymphoedema, simple hygiene measures – either alone or in combination with antibiotic treatment – play an important role in preventing episodes of acute disease and in the management of lymphoedema. Daily washing of affected limbs with soap and safe water to prevent secondary infection, combined with simple exercises, elevation of the limb, and treatment of cracks and entry points, provides significant relief from acute episodes and slows progression of the disease.

Post operative care:

Frequent and diligent follow-ups, especially for any acute episodes for adenolymphangitis.


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