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Description of disability:

A hamartoma is a benign, focal malformation that resembles a neoplasm in the tissue of its origin. This is not a malignant tumor, and it grows at the same rate as the surrounding tissues. It is composed of tissue elements normall found at that site, but which are growing in a disorganised mass. They occur in many diferent part of the body and are most often aymptomatic and undetected unless seen on an image taken for another reason (incidentaloma). Even though hamartomas show a benign histology, it does not eliminate some rare but life-threatening clinical issues such as those found in tuberous sclerosis and neurofibromatosis type 1. Hamartomas, while generally benign, can cause problems due to their location. For example, when located on the skin, especially on the face or neck, they can be very disfiguring. Cases have been reported of hamartomas the size of a small orange. They may obstruct practically any organ in the body, such as the eye, colon, etc. They are particularly likely to cause major health issues when located in the hypothalamus, spleen, kidneys or lips.


After appropriate imaging studies and/or fine needle biopsy, these growths are treated usually for cosmetic or symptomatic indications by microsurgical technique and are excised at the root of the abnormal growth, after which hemostasis is secured.

Post operative care:

Elevation and compression of the part is essential.


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