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Complete Amputation of Hand

  • Complete Amputation of Hand

Description of Disability:

An amputation of the hand is a devastating injury. It adversely affects the victim's ability to earn a livelihood, support a family, and carry out daily activities. It has a great psychological impact.

Replantation is defined as reattachment of the amputated limb using the neurovascular and musculoskeletal structures in order to obtain recovery of the limb.


In complete amputations the detached part undergoes decomposition. This process is delayed by keeping the detached part, covered with a saline gauze and sterile cover at 4 degrees Celsius in the outer compartment of the fridge or in a bag filled with ice. The part should not be in direct contact with ice as it can sustain frostbite.

Distal parts like the fingers can be replanted within 10-12 hours but proximal parts like the arm need to be replanted within four hours. Late replantation in these cases can be dangerous as the muscle in the detached part undergoes rhabdomyolysis and can lead to kidney failure.

Post operative care: 

Rest, elevation and immobilization of the part, using an arm sling always when upright aids in good healing which takes about a month and a half.


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