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Post Burn Loss of Hair

  • Post Burn Loss of Hair

Description of Disability:

Post burn hair loss can result in small focal areas of hair loss or large areas. Reconstruction of the scalp following burns presents a unique problem because it requires to be replaced by "hair bearing tissue", for a cosmetic appearance.

Tissue expansion is a technique used by plastic and restorative surgeons to cause the body to grow additional skin, bone, or other tissues. Skin expansion is a common surgical procedure to grow extra skin through controlled mechanical over-stretch. It creates skin that matches the color, texture, and thickness of the surrounding tissue, while minimizing scars and risk of rejection.  The growth of tissue is permanent, but will retract to some degree when the expander is removed. The two main indications for choosing tissue expansion over hair grafting are the size and shape of the defect relative to potential supply of donor hair, and the quality and thickness of the scar tissue. Tissue expanders are used to expand scalp, facial skin, neck and the chest commonly.


Depending on the site and the extent of areas the modalities of treatment are worked out and customized to every case for an optimum result. The options include hair transplant by follicular unit grafting or tissue expansion.

This patient had to undergo tissue expansion for a period of six weeks (normal saline is injected into the expander at weekly intervals); after two weeks of stabilization of expansion, the expander was removed and the expanded skin-bearing hair was advanced to cover scarred scalp. 

Post operative care: 

Head end elevation with routine suture removal at a week is done.


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