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Post Burn Eversion of Lip

  • Post Burn Eversion of Lip
  • Post Burn Eversion of Lip

Description of disability:

Lower lip deformity can be due to an extrinsic or intrinsic cause. Post-burn sequelae in this area results in cosmetic disfigurement and psychological trauma to patients as it is often associated with ectropion of the lower lip, severe microstomia leading to poor oral access for intubation, drooling, difficulty in eating, speaking and oral hygiene. . In this area, it often result in cosmetic disfigurement and psychological upsets in patients, especially young adult females. A burn destroys the aesthetic features and lines of the lip.

Burn contractures of the lower lip result in drooling of saliva and food and an unsightly appearance leading to social exclusion, which can be very disturbing for a young adult


The tight scar was released and full thickness skin grafting done to cover the raw area. The full thickness graft gives a much better color and texture. It takes nearly a month for the graft to heal.

Post operative care: 

The patient is not allowed to open the mouth and is given only liquids and fed with a broad straw for about two to three weeks. The elastic adhesive plaster will in place till then to provide immobilization and rest to the part.


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