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Post Burn Contractures of Knee and Ankle

  • Post Burn Contractures of Knee and Ankle

Description of Disability:

One of the most challenging aspects in patients recovering from burns to the lower extremities is the rehabilitation and restoration of function to the foot.

Postburn knee flexion contractures cause functional limitations of all lower extremity, not allowing the patient to walk normally, creating serious cosmetic defects, and, therefore, requiring surgical reconstruction.


Photo description Severe post burn contractures of the right knee in an 8-year old who fell into an open fire at 2 years of age. Her right ankle was fixed in a state of acute flexion. Her right knee and right ankle was also fixed in acute flexion. She was able to navigate from place to place only by crawling around. She underwent release of the contractures, external fixation of the relevant joints and split skin grafting, followed by regular physiotherapy.

Post operative care: 

Rest, elevation and immobilization of part with change of dressings every four days till complete healing. This is followed by regular physiotherapy and t the exercises taught to do at home upon discharge.


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