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Post Burn Contractures of Axilla and Elbow

  • Post Burn Contractures of Axilla and Elbow
  • Post Burn Contractures of Axilla and Elbow

Description of disability:

Deep partial- and full-thickness burns of the axillary region can result in scar contractures which limit motion at the shoulder joint, especially abduction and extension. Post-burn axillary contractures almost always interfere with and limit the shoulder joint movements; mainly the abduction. Classifications of post-burn axillary contracture were based on either the scar morphology or its extent. Both of these classifications do not entail about the amount of tissues loss and the relation between the scar shape and extent with the limitation already presented. 3 types of post-burn axillary contracture as follows:

Mild type:It is the linear contracture in the line of normal flexion.

Moderate type:It is the broad tissue.

Severe type: The scar involves the neck and the axilla with armour like contractile plate of hypertrophic scar tissue.


Contracture release of affected areas and split skin grafting are held after which very much improved range of movement will be possible.

Post operative care: 

Rest, elevation and immobilization with change of dressings every four days.


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