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Post Burn Contractures and Partial Loss of Fingers

  • Post Burn Contractures and Partial Loss of Fingers

Description of Disability:

Burn contractures of the hand can present in a variety of ways. Commonly the fingers are held down in acute flexion, the thumb stuck to the index finger, the fingers knuckled backwards to sit on the dorsum of the hand. These may be accompanied by contractures of the wrist.


Most of the contractures necessitate release of the tight scar and retention of the corrected position with a Kirchner wire. The resultant raw area is skin grafted. In the most severe contractures, complete correction may not be possible immediately – in such cases a external fixator is used to hold the correction; over the next few days further stretching is done within the external fixator range to slowly reach the final corrected position. Healing normally takes 2-4 weeks. After complete healing of the skin grafts, the hold K-wires or external fixator is removed and physiotherapy commenced.  The results can be gratifying for the patient who is then able to use the hand properly.

Post Operative Care:

After surgery to release the fingers, physiotherapy is enabled. 


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