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Description of Disability:

Burns are the most common cause of skin contracture in the hand. Several functionally limiting sequels can follow deep thermal injury to the hand. Infants rolling into unprotected fires or explosions of poorly made stoves are the most common causes of these burns in developing countries. Failure to seek medical help, inadequate medical care and inadequate post-healing care are common causes of burn contractures. The thin, highly mobile dorsal skin, the sensory-enriched palmar skin and the delicately balanced musculotendinous systems are all at risk with a hand burn. Post burn scarring and contractures affect the function as well as aesthetic appearance of hand and remain most frustrating complication of a hand burn. If contractures or scarring affect the dominant hand, as they do on most occasions, the vocation and there by the economic status of the patient suffer. A variety of therapeutic methods such as skin grafting, z-plasties, local flaps, regional flaps, island flaps, free flaps have been reported for treatment of post burn hand deformities. It is importance to assess the efficacy of different procedures so far as functional recovery and aesthetic improvement is concerned.


Custom pressure garments, silicone gel sheets and a combination of both, massage and surgical excision of the scar are the different modalities of treatment. Surgical excision of scar is an option when the scar is very unstable leading to frequent blistering and tearing and limitation of joint movement.

Post operative care:

Regular and diligent follow-up visits for assessment of progress of the scars.


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