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Residual Cleft Alveolus

  • Residual Cleft  Alveolus
  • Residual Cleft  Alveolus

Description of disability:

The bony cleft in the gums left after the cleft lip repair, needs to be corrected as it provides a matrix for the unerupted canine or second incisor tooth to erupt into. Therefore, the alveolar bone grafting is done around seven years of age, before the permanent teeth erupt. A nasoalveolar fistula may also be seen alongwith the alveolar cleft.


Preliminary orthodontic treatment maybe required to expand and align the maxillary alveolar arches – the treatment taking six months to a year. The nasal floor is repaired and the palatal mucosa restored as a continuous layer. Cancellous bone is removed from the right hip bone and placed in the bony gap. The bone is then covered by gingivoperiosteal flaps. 

Post operative care: 

Postoperatively the patient is on liquids for a week and soft solids for a fortnight. The hip drain is removed after 3-4 days of surgery and at the time of discharge from hospital. Orthodontics to restore tooth alignment can be done six weeks after surgery. 


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