Aakar Asha has been established with the aim to provide high quality and advanced reconstructive surgery for patients with deformities and disabilities. Patients who cannot afford such expensive surgery and post surgery treatment, including rehabilitation, will be treated free of cost*. We promise to turn into reality your hope (Asha) for the form (Aakar) that will eradicate your disability.      (* T & C apply)

Facilities And Treatment Provided

  • Examination of patient and counselling on course of treatment.
  • Surgery by an expert team of doctors.
  • Post-surgery care in hospital.
  • Medication and surgical materials  during and after surgery.
  • Accommodation for patient  & one attendant in the in-house dormitory.
  • Physiotherapy & in patient / day care physical rehabilitation.
  • Long term follow-up.

Cost of Treatment

  • Patients below the poverty line shall be provided treatment and medication free of charge.
  • For patients who are in the low earning category, hospital stay, surgery, postoperative care and dormitory stay for attendants will be free of cost.  Such patients will be required to pay for consumables, medicines and consultancy charges of visiting doctors.
  • Other patients will have access to world class treatment at a very reasonable cost; a part of this cost will help in subsidizing the surgery for poor patients 

How to reach us?

  • Patients or their advisers may directly register themselves through this website.
  • Patients or their advisers can send us two or three photographs of their disability (including a brief history, description of deformity and any other details) via Whatsapp at 7337318544, along with name, mobile number and address. Our staff will get in touch with you.
  • Patients can register themselves at any of our camps conducted from time to time near their location. 
  • Patients can just walk in to Aakar Asha Hospital for treatment.


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